Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) is designed to give you information when something isn't working as it should be in the form of various error messages. Sometimes, the issues are software related, and other times, they are caused by incorrect actions taken by your school district's transportation department (such as not performing a bus substitution). The following table contains the errors you might receive, what they mean, and whether you should contact your transportation department or Synovia Support to rectify the situation:

Error Message
Please update your app to the latest version.
There is a new version of the app available for you to download and install.
Play Store or App Store
The email and password you entered are invalid.
You typed the wrong email or password. If you don't remember your password, you can reset it. (See Resetting a Forgotten Password from the Login Screen for the website and Resetting Your Password for the app.)
Here Comes the Bus access has not been enabled for your district.


Here Comes the Bus is not currently active for your school district.
Your school district hasn't purchased the HCTB module, or their contract period hasn't begun yet.
Your transportation department
Unable to locate parent account.


Account number not found.
You haven't created an account yet or used a different email address. (See the videos Create an Account on a Computer or Create an Account on a Mobile Device.) Or you mistyped something when logging in.
Unable to associate the student to your account.
An unhandled error occurred in the database.
The student ID and last name entered do not match our records.
You may have entered the wrong name or ID number (or both the student's first and last names, when only the last name can be used when adding a student), or perhaps the school district provided you with an incorrect student ID.
Your transportation department, first, to verify the student ID number, and if that's correct, then Synovia
The school code you entered is invalid.
There is no school district code with that number. You may have mistyped it, or your school district may have provided you with an inaccurate one.
Your transportation department

If you need to contact your transportation department, check for their phone number or email address on your school district's website. If you need to contact Synovia Support, fill out and submit the form here.