To create a Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) account on the website, follow these steps:

Note: If you have the HCTB code your school provided readily available, that will make the account-creation process quicker. This is usually a five-digit code. If you don't have this code, don't worry; the onboarding procedure can help you find it.

Also, have your student's ID number handy.

If you'd prefer to create an account using the app on a smart device, go to Creating an Account.

Caution: Some school districts have a setup that doesn't allow parents to add accounts on their own; instead, the district takes on all account creation. If that's the case for your school, you should have received HCTB login credentials via email. Find that message, and you can skip these steps altogether.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Sign Up Today!.
    The Account Registration screen will appear, asking for your school district's code.
  3. If you have the code, click I Have the Code and skip down to step 10.
  4. If you don't have it, click I Need the Code.
    The Enter Zip Code page will appear.

  5. Type your zip code in the box.
  6. Click Search.

    School districts in your area will appear in a list.
  7. If yours is on the list, click it.
  8. If not, click Contact Us! to get information on whom to contact for help.

    When you click your school district's name, you’ll see the district's instructions on how to find the code.
  9. After following those instructions and obtaining the code, click Continue.
    The User Profile page will appear.

  10. Type the email address you want to receive HCTB notifications, your first and last names, and your school code.
    Note: If you went through the I Need the Code steps, the school code might already be provided.
  11. Read through the Terms of Use Agreement.
  12. Select the I Accept check box under the agreement.
  13. Click Submit.
    Your school district name will appear on the next page.
  14. If the district name is the correct one, click Confirm.

    The Password screen will appear.
  15. Type the password you'd like to use for Here Comes the Bus in both the Password and Confirm Password fields.
    Note: Your password needs to be 8 to 16 characters and contain both uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one number and special character.
  16. Click Submit.

    You'll be thanked for registering for Here Comes the Bus and informed that a confirmation message was sent to your email address.
  17. Open the email sent to you from

    Note: If you don’t receive that email, check your junk mail folder. If the email isn't there, you should click Resend Confirmation on the Thank You for Registering page. If you don't receive the new message, contact HCTB Support by following the steps in Contact Support, as your organization might be blocking mail from our domain.
  18. Click Activate My Account.
    You'll be taken to the HCTB website's login page, where a success message will appear (for completing the activation process). 
  19. Type your HCTB email address (if needed), password, and school district code (if it's not already there).
  20. Click Log In.

    You'll be prompted to add your student’s information.
  21. Click Add.

    The Add Student dialog box will appear.


    If your district requires you to enter a PIN (personal identification number) in order to add a student to your HCTB account, the Add Student dialog box will look like this:
    In step 22 below, you'll need to also type the PIN the school provided you with.

    Note: You won't need the PIN again (unless your student is deleted from your account and you need to add them again later), as logging in doesn't require it.
  22. Type your student's last name and student ID.
  23. Click Save.

    You'll be returned to the My Students page, and your student's name will appear in the box.
    Note: You'll be warned that it can take up to 10 minutes for student information to appear on the map.
  24. If you need to add more students, you can click Add and repeat steps 22 to 23.
  25. If you are finished adding students, click Done.
    You'll be taken to the Map page, and your student's bus stop and school stop will be displayed (if the data has had enough time to be processed).