If you have forgotten your Here Comes the Bus password and need to reset it, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://login.herecomesthebus.com.
  2. Click Forgot Your Password?.
    The Forgot Password screen will appear.
  3. Type in your email address and school code.
  4. Click Recover Password.
    You will be sent an email with a new password.
    Note: If you don’t receive that email, check your junk mail folder. If the email isn't there, you should contact Synovia Support at 1-877-SYNOVIA (796-6842), as your organization might be blocking mail from our domain.
  5. Again, navigate to https://login.herecomesthebus.com.
  6. Enter your email address, the new password you received, and your school code.
  7. Click Log In.
  8. You can change your password to a more user-friendly one on the My Account screen. See Changing Your Password When Logged In for details.