To view a history of your notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Notifications tab.
    The Edit Radius tab will appear.
  2. Click the History tab.

    A list of the notifications you were sent today will appear, with the most recent on top.


  3. To see more past notifications, click the Received down arrow and select the time frame — yesterday, this week, or last week.
  4. If you have more than one student, you can click the Student down arrow and select just one of them to see only their notifications.
    Note: By default, All Students will be selected.
  5. To see just email or push notifications, click the Contact Type down arrow and select the one you want.
    Note: All is the default, so you will see all the types of notifications in the history list.
  6. To specify what type of alerts are listed, click the Notification Type down arrow and select from these options: Bus Substitution, Entry (which means when the bus enters your notification radius), Exit (when the bus leaves your radius), and Scan.
    Note: This doesn’t change what notices you receive; it just changes which ones are shown in the history.