If you have previously added an activity to track (such as a field trip, orchestra competition, or food drop), you'll have added a notification zone, which is the area you receive alerts for when the bus exits or enters it (per your settings). For example, if the bus is returning your student to the school after the field trip, you might have used the address of the school — so that you're notified when the vehicle enters the circular area around the school. If you find at a later date that you need to modify an activity zone using the app, you can do so by following these steps:

Note: For details on adding an activity, see Adding a HCTB Activity.

  1. Log in to HCTB. (See Logging In to Here Comes the Bus for details, if needed.)
    The Here Comes the Bus Home screen will appear.
  2. Tap Activity Zones.

    The Activity Zones screen will appear and display the names of notification zones you previously added.
  3. Tap  to the right of the zone you want to edit.

    The Edit Activity Zones screen will appear.
  4. If you want to change the zone name, select the text in the Enter New Zone Name field and type a new identifier, such as the school name.
  5. If you want to change the location of the zone, select the current address in the Enter the Zone Address field, type the new one, and then tap .
    The map will place a pin at that location and zoom to it.
  6. To change the size of your notification zone, on the slider bar below the address field (with 250 ft on the left in the example in the preceding figure), tap and drag  to the right to make it larger (or to the left to make it smaller).
  7. When the circle is the size you want, tap Save.
    You'll be returned to the Activity Zones screen.
  8. You can delete an activity zone you no longer need by tapping  and then Delete in the warning dialog box.