On the Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) Map screen, you can watch your student's bus live on a map of your area so that you can see how far away it is from the bus stop. To track your student's bus on the map, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to HCTB. (See Logging In to Here Comes the Bus for details, if needed.)
    The Here Comes the Bus Home screen will appear.
  2. Tap Map.
    A map with your school stop (represented by  or ), bus stop ( or ), and bus () will appear.
    Note: If the icon is green, the stop has been made. If it is red, the bus hasn't arrived yet.
    The current route displayed at the bottom right defaults to the run closest to the time of day, such as AM in the morning or PM in the afternoon. You can tap the arrow to select a different route to display.
  3. You can watch the bus () as it moves on the map to see how close it is to arriving at your stop. The arrow points the direction the bus is moving.

    You can tap and drag the map to view different areas.
    These are the options at the top of the screen:
    • : Pulls up the menu, with options to open the various HCTB screens, find the Help documentation, and log out.
    • : To the right of your student's name is a drop-down arrow. If you have more than one student registered, you can tap this to select another student. This also has the option to add another student.
    • : Opens any warnings your school district has for the bus route.
    • : Displays a map legend that explains what the map icons represent.
    • : Zooms in on the bus's location and follows it live as it moves on the map. Tap the icon a second time to zoom back out.
    • : Displays a history of today's bus stop events, including when they were scheduled to occur and when they actually occurred. If your school district has Student Ridership, in which students scan on and off the bus, scan data will appear as well.