To create a Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) account using the app, follow these steps:

Note: If you have the Here Comes the Bus code your school provided readily available, that will make the account-creation process quicker. This is usually a five-digit code. If you don't have this code, don't worry; the onboarding procedure can help you find it.

Also, have your student's ID number handy, if you know it. If not, there will be instructions later in the steps on how to obtain it from your school.

Caution: A few school districts do not allow parents to create their own HCTB accounts; instead, they will assign you an account. If this is the case for your school, the district will send you the login credentials you need.

  1. Download and install the Here Comes the Bus app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    When you first open the app, you’ll be presented with this screen.
  2. Tap Sign Up! at the bottom of the page.
    The following screen will appear.
  3. Tap Continue.

    You'll be asked for your school district's code.
  4. If you have it, tap I Have the Code and skip down to step 12.
  5. If you don't have it, tap I Need the Code.

  6. Tap Enter Zip Code.
  7. Type your zip code.
  8. Tap Search.

    School districts in your area will appear in a list.
  9. If yours is on the list, tap it.
  10. If not, tap Contact Us! to get information on whom to contact for help.

    When you tap your school district's name, you’ll see the district's instructions on how to find the code.
  11. After following those instructions and obtaining the code, tap I Have the Code.

    The Create Your Account screen will appear.
  12. Type your email address, first and last name, and school district code.

    Note: To review the user agreement, tap Terms of Use Agreement (and then the back arrow).
  13. If the terms are acceptable to you, tap the I Accept the Terms of Use Agreement radio button.
  14. Tap Continue.

    Your school district name will appear in a dialog box.
  15. If the district name is the correct one, tap Confirm.

    The Password screen will appear.
  16. Type the password you'd like to use for the Here Comes the Bus app in both the Password and Repeat Password fields.
    Note: You can select Show if you'd like to verify the characters you entered.
    Your password needs to be 8 to 16 characters and contain both uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one number and special character.
  17. Tap Confirm Password.

    You'll be thanked for registering for Here Comes the Bus.
  18. Open the email sent to you from

  19. Tap Activate My Account.
    You'll be taken to the HCTB website, but you can finish the account-creation process in the app.
  20. If you left the app open, you can click Login. If not, when you open the app, you'll be on the login screen.
  21. Type your HCTB email address, school district code (if it's not already there), and password.
  22. Tap Login.

    You'll be prompted to name your device.
  23. Tap in the Enter Device Name field and type a name that will easily identify it for you.
  24. Tap Save.

    You'll be prompted to add your student’s information.

    If your district requires you to enter a PIN (personal identification number) in order to add a student to your HCTB account, you'll see another field here:

    In step 28 below, you'll need to also type the PIN the school provided you with.
    Note: You won't need the PIN again (unless your student is deleted from your account and you need to add them again later), as logging in doesn't require it.
  25. If you don't have your student’s ID number, tap Need Your Student ID?.
  26. If you have it, skip down to step 28.

    The school district's instructions on how to obtain your student’s ID number will appear.

  27. After following those instructions and obtaining the ID, tap Continue.

    The Student Information screen, shown after step 24will appear again.
  28. Type your student’s last name and student ID.
    Caution: Make sure to type JUST the last name! A common mistake parents make is to type both the first and last name here, which will result in an error.
  29. Tap Add Student.

    The stops your transportation department has entered for your student will appear.

  30. If they are correct, tap Continue and skip down to step 33.
  31. If they are incorrect, tap I Need Help.

    The next screen will display your transportation department’s instructions on how to inform them that they have the wrong bus stops on file.
    They will have to rectify the situation.
  32. After they do so, you can tap Continue on this screen.

    Your notification radius will appear on a map. This is a circular area around your student’s bus stop; when the bus enters the radius is when you will receive an alert by email or push notification, if you opt to receive that.

    Note: There is a known error that sometimes causes HCTB to exit at this point. Don't worry, though; your account has been created! You can log in and use it as needed.
  33. Tap Continue.

    The next screen will be a success message, saying your student has been added to your account.
  34. You can tap Add Another Student and repeat this process if needed.
  35. If you are finished adding students, tap Complete.