If your student's address has changed or is wrong in the Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) app, you must first make the correction through your school district. As the parent or guardian, you are required to contact your student's school and follow their protocol for address adjustments. A good place to begin is on your district's website.

The school will then update your student's address in their database.

Note: Be aware, however, that your school may reserve the right to make or refuse changes to a student's address as they see fit.

Generally, the day after the school makes the correction (after their student data is reimported by CalAmp), Here Comes the Bus will reflect the new information.

Note: You cannot make changes to your student's address within the Here Comes the Bus app.

If Here Comes the Bus doesn't display the new address within 24 hours of the school's data modification, follow the instructions at Contact Support. Make sure that the school got back with you first to verify that they made the database correction.