After you log in to Here Comes the Bus on the website, the Map tab will appear.

Note: If you are on another tab, you can click the Map tab to track your student's bus.

If the bus is currently running your student's route, you can watch it as it moves on the map to see how close it is to arriving at your home stop or school stop. The arrow points the direction the bus is moving.

You can click and drag the map to view different areas.

These are the different features you'll find on the screen:

  • Stop information: At the top left will be your student's name and regular bus number. If a second bus number appears in parentheses, a substitute bus is running the bus route. To the right of those is the date and time information was last received from the bus; this is important because cellular and GPS coverage can affect the timeliness of the displayed data. If the data is not being updated frequently, the bus may be traveling toward your student’s stop but not sending updates.

    Under that will be your student’s school stop and bus stop locations, scheduled times, and actual arrival times for the current time of day.
  • Student drop-down menu: At the top right, if you have more than one student registered, will be a down arrow next to your student’s name. You can click this to select another student. Their stop information will appear at the top left, and the map will be refreshed to display their bus.
  • Time of Day drop-down menu: You can click this down arrow to switch to view information about other timeframes for the current day (AM, MID, and PM).
  • Refresh: You can set the refresh rate (how often the page reloads automatically) to Off or every 10, 20, or 30 seconds.
  • Scans: If your school district has purchased the Student Ridership module (which tracks students as they scan on and off the bus, usually via boarding cards), you can click Scans under Stops to see the scan data.
  • The location and direction of your student's bus:  shows where your student's bus is on the map, and  points the direction it is heading.
  • Your student’s stop: indicates your student's home bus stop; a red stop sign means that the bus hasn't arrived yet, and green signifies that the bus has reached the stop and picked up your child.
  • Your student's school location: pinpoints the school stop; like the bus stop, if this is red, the school arrival hasn't occurred yet, but if it's green, the bus has arrived at the school.
  • Map legend: At the top right of the map is a legend that describes what the icons mean.
  • : You can use these controls to zoom in or zoom out on the map.